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Driskill Hotel Candle Centerpiece

How to have a beautiful day without an “ugly tomorrow”

Your special day should be all you want it to be, beautiful, special,
never to be forgotten, but you also don’t want to be remembered as
that person “who wasted so much.”

Kathi Thomas Design helps you have a “greener wedding”- working
with you to have your beautiful event, while not leaving an unbeautiful
“footprint” left behind.

KTD works hard to have environmentally sensitive designs. From
composting floral remnants, to using rainwater (no chemicals), to
using reusable containers (using foam as little as possible) and, when
ever possible, utilizing locally grown organic flowers in our designs,
Kathi Thomas Design helps you to have your exquisite event without
a guilty conscience.

When you drive up to Kathi Thomas Design, you see immediately that
Kathi and her family understand our Central Texas environment.
Xeriscaping is used for their home and studio, to save on water and
feature plants that are suitable for this climate. They use compost
and seaweed to “fertilize” their plants, no chemical fertilizers. They
garden organically, growing vegetables and herbs. Some of their
herbs are used in Kathi’s floral designs.

You can still have a lush and exquisite event, and you can leave on
your honeymoon, knowing that you had the event about which you’ve
dreamed, but not left a nightmare for our earth.


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